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I grew up in Redwood City and took my first guitar lessons at 14 from the original owner of the store, Sydney Gelb after seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I began playing in bands right away where we played at school dances and I was off and running. Actually making my living and playing professionally began in 1973, and I have been teaching at Gelb Music since 1974. 43 years as of this writing ! I have a very deep connection with Gelb Music. I have also taught at various rock and jazz summer camps.

I have been very active in the Bay Are over the years playing a conservative estimate of more than 5,500 live gigs along the way—everything from club rock bands, jazz groups, dance clubs, wedding bands, private corporate parties and events (Macworld), rock and jazz festivals (Gilroy Garlic Festival)—any kind of style required.

I was involved in the session musician scene in San Francisco for 22 years. This involved playing music for TV, radio, and films. Some of the many hundreds of sessions I played on were: Garfield the Cat (all TV shows), several Charlie Brown specials, ads for the 49ers, Raiders, Giants, and A’s, Apple Computer, Safeway, Lucky, KRON, KTVU, Silver Legacy Hotel, BART, documentary films on the Grand Canyon, Barbie Dolls, and Yellowstone National Park—plus many many more.

As you can see from my website I have accumulated a ton of experience in playing and teaching music along the way which I feel very lucky about, and I try to impart it to all my students. Give me a call to get started.....

cell.... 650-339-0587. store 650-365-0875

Thanks... Bill Schrey